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All About the Republican Party...

The Republican Party platform includes
personal responsibility, free market, low taxes,
and a strong national defense.

Free market means you should be able to
buy, sell, and trade goods without too much
government involvement.

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Republican Party Coloring Page

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Republican Party Coloring Book

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The Republican Party!

Grab your crayons and join us on a colorful learning adventure about the Republican Party. In this 24-page reproducible Republican Party Coloring Book, you will color and learn about:

  • The nickname for the Republican Party
  • The Republican Party symbol
  • The site of the first official Republican Party meeting
  • Famous Republican presidents
  • The Republican platform
  • Teenage Republicans

The Republican Party Coloring Book also includes activities like a word search, decoded messages, design your own campaign button, double trouble, fill out a sample voter registration card, crossword puzzle, and an amazing maze.




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